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Is Hand Washing Important?

is hand washing important featured

You wash your hands to get dirt and bacteria off. When your hands don’t look dirty, it’s easy to forget about the bacteria you can’t see that can make you sick. This experiment will help you visualize how many bacteria can be on your hands, and why hand washing is so important. Is Hand Washing…

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The Five-Second Rule

five second rule featured

Do you follow the “Five-Second Rule”? It sure is handy with a toddler in the house… but just how quickly can bacteria get from the floor to your food? The Five-Second Rule I’ve done it, my husband has done it, and my son has certainly done it. You drop something yummy on the floor, bend…

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Is This Chicken Done?

is this chicken done featured

Have you ever thought you had a perfectly cooked chicken breast, but when you sat down to eat it wasn’t quite cooked all the way through? A meat thermometer is the only way to know if that chicken is really fully cooked, or if it just looks like it’s fully cooked. Is This Chicken Done?…

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Seedless Watermelon

seedless watermelon featured

Seedless watermelons are definitely easier to eat than watermelons with seeds – there is way less mess when you don’t have to worry about the seeds! Did you ever wonder how seedless watermelons are grown? Seedless Watermelon It seems pretty counter-intuitive. Watermelons are grown from seeds. So if a seedless watermelon plant doesn’t make seeds,…

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Is it Done Yet? Meat Cooking Temperatures

minimum recommended cooking temperatures featured

Do you know how to tell if your meat is done cooking? You can’t always tell by looking, and different meats have different recommended internal temperatures. Use a Meat Thermometer Cooking meats fully is the best way to avoid food poisoning like Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli, and Yersinia. The best way to know if your…

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